Gail Sixsmith  Performance artist     movement specialist     physical theatre practitioner

For many years now I have been inspired by performance work which is fundamentally driven by, and evolves out of, the actor’s physicality. Though I have worked as an actress in traditional theatre and collaborated artistically with theatre makers, I am principally a physical performance artist. so what does this mean?         

My work is concerned with communicating ideas, images, emotions and psychologies through the body disciplines of movement, dance and gesture. For many years I have been involved in theatre and have developed my skills and sensibilities within this context as a performer / actress / director / creator, and have been a champion of the ensemble tradition and physical theatre. Though I have a deep appreciation of text and language, in my work as an ‘artist’ I aim to create performance that transcends the spoken word and cultural boundaries, and that resists naturalistic approaches. I am concerned with creating performance which invites the imagination of the audience as an intrinsic aspect of the work. Recent artistic enquiry has led me to multi-media performance collaborations and artistic exploration within non-theatre spaces, where the body resonates differently with texture, architecture and form. 

I am committed to the notion that physical creative expression can be transformative and that people, regardless of age or background benefit from having the opportunity to express themselves in such a way. Working with the body, breath and voice is unquestionably therapeutic and generates a high level of awareness and openness, which, when combined with the freedom and guidance to explore the self creatively, acts as a catalyst for deep level consciousness. As a teacher and facilitator I endeavour to generate artistic processes that support the sense of collective and that ultimately liberate free expression.

The physical actor - body as expression

Stills include:

Lady Macbeth in ‘Dark Matter’  (film)

Photo by Mela

Mad Woman in Dario Fo’s Buffo

Photo by Larisa Dizdar

Hedanistic Pumpkin Eater

Photo by Sally Griffyn

’You are the energy that you project…you are what you believe you are ‘